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DOGS TO SHARE is the 5th release from PET.

You can download the tracks from Monday 17th of February.


released February 17, 2014

All tracks recorded in the cardboard cave by PET; Pete Boggon, Dylan Mitchell & Alexa Hare

All tracks mastered by Stephen Watkins at Tape Studio



all rights reserved


PET Scotland, UK

A band from Edinburgh - currently based between London and Edinburgh, PET are notes, effects, scans, cut-outs
truth, lies, together, apart, shoosht.

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Track Name: Dogs To Share
I dunno if I ever loved
This feeling hasn't gone away

It's better to have loved and lost
Than to never have loved at all
You're headed for a big fall

Ain't it really simple?
Track Name: Under Your Nose
It came away in my hand, I never meant to break it
Well given understanding, I never meant to take this on
All this responsibility, don't wanna go unaided
Just give me medication, I'll better off roll along

You know you're not very dependable
You're not that indispensable after all
It's all in your head. You're only just there

I'll do it in a moment, it isn't even broken
I never thought all this could harry my emotions on
Whatever doesn't kill you can only make you stronger
But you're so beaten up this is gonna just linger on

You're saying this was not intentional
But then you're not that all conventional over all
You're out of your head. You've made your own bed

And this was all avoidable
But now you're almost inconsolable with the fall
It's all under your nose. It's under your control
Track Name: Haven't Even Tried
Watch an idea thrive
A sycamore seed fly

I coulda wondered why I haven't even tried

Animals built to breed
Their automatic pride to preen

I coulda wondered why I haven't even tried

I saw the account but I thought I couldn't live with it
Was waiting around for someone just to give me it. So give me it

You've really gotta want it more than that
If you truly wanna have it good, you've gotta want it bad
Gotta know you've given everything that it demands
And say you'll never ever just sit on your hands
Track Name: Half Cut
I'm cut in half. Flower we're out of fruit
Look out, look at your heart. It's sour and badly bruised
I don't understand? I showered you all year through
Tenderly tended the land. Endured the whole winter too.

What's your excuse? It's a season now I've been with you
I'm still confused, but it's easier now I'm not with you

We had a start. I could see buds and shoots
Things fall apart. A neighborhood lost it's roots
You found it hard and I found that hard to chew
Put your shell up and held up your guard
Your sugar was left to stew. What could I do?
Track Name: Measure of Me
So last week you got the measure of me
Sized you up. You're way too heavy for me
You're tight, you're not giving anything away
Going the distance isn't the same

They won't take an inch, worm your way in
They'll take a mile, hide your feelings
So sing in your counterpoint mantra
A call and response is your answer

You'll not fit in to "so last week" anymore
Not counting the countless others before
In time you'll understand that a minute ago
Still counts when the chapter's never been closed

I'll wait, up to a level
I'll weigh up bright and heavy
It's a full time job being empty
I'm fed up now I've had plenty
Track Name: Dog's Share
I dunno if I ever loved
This feeling hasn't ever went away
It's better to have loved and lost
Than to ne'er have loved at all
You're headed for a fall

I dunno if I ever loved, like I said
This feeling hasn't ever went away
It's better to have loved and lost
Than to not have loved at all
You're headed for a fall

It's really simple. Don't over-think it
This sound's gone on too long
Count on your fingers, ticking your boxes
Sounds good to me

We're really on another page
The letters in your name are gonna fade
I'd better tick another box soon
In time it's gonna cost. You'll end up as a cross

Our moon is in another phase, like I said
This situation's never gonna change
Be better if we'd never crossed
Crossed you with another girl who didn't ask the world