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4th single from PET - You can download the tracks from 2/7/12


released July 2, 2012

All tracks recorded in the cardboard cave by PET; Pete Boggon, Dylan Mitchell & Alexa Hare.
Special thanks to Adam Bond Thompson and David Borras.

All tracks mastered by Stephen Watkins from Tape Studio



all rights reserved


PET Scotland, UK

A band from Edinburgh - currently based between London and Edinburgh, PET are notes, effects, scans, cut-outs
truth, lies, together, apart, shoosht.

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I wanted you. I wouldn't do it

Couldn't get a bit of luck in to it

The others, you're welcome to them
They didn't have it like you've got it

You're another half

A world away from what I needed

You were seeing someone else you see

You only had to come clean

But something in you wouldn't dream

I honoured you I couldn't do it

I could see that I'd been beaten to it

Decision made, I'm sticking to it

But your reflection in the mirror

You're another half

A world away from how I'd seen you
Couldn't think straight or get it clear

You only had to come near

But something made you come here

Something made you come here
Something made you come
Track Name: BLACK ARTS
In the early days, going up in the world
On a holiday, hid away from it all

In a previous life this stage had been fine
I was settled with a wife, with a holiday home
In an early incarnation of this phase
A midlife crisis seemed strange, since I got here on my own

On the ocean bed, holding on to my wounds
In the saltiness, I'm asleep in the womb

I was curious over how things had gone
How things ended so wrong, as my soul over-turned
I was turning in to something newborn
Made of elements formed out of lessons I'd learned

In the photograph, he looks almost like me
It might be slow, but it’s the only way that I know
Does it show that it’s the only way that I know?

It’s thrown in the air to see how it falls
It’s just thrown together. Do you see how it scatters?

It might be cruel, but it’s the only way to get it through
If I knew, I dunno if I’d see it true

It’s thrown in your face if you seem to stammer
Just think what you’re saying and use the right grammar

We’re through. Is it true?
This thorn has torn us two in two
We’re torn in two